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Set a mood. Save electricity.
Automate your lighting.

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Audio Video

Watch TV, listen to music. One remote, anywhere.

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Save energy with the right temperature at the right time.

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View cameras and arm or disarm from anywhere.

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Windows shades. Gates, Watering. Automate it all.

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Kinetic Home Automation, Scottsdale's Premier Smart Home Integrator

We provide Scottsdale and surrounding areas with complete home automation solutions including lighting automation, audio and video automation, HVAC automation, window shade automation and much more. Our control-centric approach is designed to your specific needs to make sure your home is the ideal living environment you want it to be. It's time to make your home a smart home. Explore more information about home automation or  contact us today to schedule a free in home consultation to learn more about home automation and the possibilities for your home.

Control should be simple to use, easy to understand and capable of doing many things. That's a smart home. Our custom tablet interfaces unify complete control of your home in one place.

Home Automation is About Control

Home Automation ControlA smart home should do lots of things for itself: turn just the rights lights on to just the right levels at sunset each day and turn them off when you go to bed; change the temperature while you're at work, or home, or asleep to conserve energy and save money. But it should also enable you to take control anytime you want to with simple tools: Imagine sitting with your iPad in your living room or in a hotel across the country or across the globe, and changing the lights dimmer to save electricity or brighter for added security. Then putting your HVAC system into an away mode to conserve energy while you're away. Now view the live feeds from your security cameras to check the status of your property. That's a smart home. Home automation is about improving control of your home to enhance livability, maximize efficiency and provide superior control. Find out more about home automation and how you can enjoy then benefits of a smart home with unprecedented control.