Additional Automation

A home can have dozens of systems running and you may want to automate some or all of them.

The world of technology moves quickly and it’s moving particularly fast in the Internet of Things era we live in today. There are few new systems being developed for the home that don’t include some sort of interface to be able to communicate with them via a smart home system. One of our current favorites is window coverings. We’re installing new wireless window coverings now that work seamlessly with our lighting scenes. So we’re implementing time or daylight-based events to open or close window treatments based on a homeowner’s preference. You might want your bedroom window coverings to come up each morning at 7:30 as a natural alarm clock, or your west facing family room window coverings to go down an hour before sunset to block the intruding afternoon sun. Or you may want your “watch movie” scene to turn off the lights, turn on Netflix, and close the window shades.

There are dozens more systems that you have today that you may want to control either automatically or with your tablet or smart phone. Examples of additional systems you may want to control include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Yard watering system
  • Outdoor heating
  • Misting systems
  • Entry gate
  • Intercom
  • Most anything else

The possibilities are nearly limitless, so don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we might be able to help make your home a smart home.