Audio & Video Automation

It’s a digital age and we’ve got more options than ever for where we get our entertainment and how we want to access it.

Audio distribution and audio automation are designed to make your music work for you anywhere in your home. Whether you want to listen to the news in the master bathroom while you get ready for work in the morning, or want to listen to your favorite relaxing satellite radio channel out back while you relax, or want the whole house to listen to your favorite play list while you’ve got friends over, a distributed audio system makes that possible.

Distributed audio is typically referred to by zones (rooms or other locations) and sources (the places you get your music, e.g. iPod, Pandora, satellite radio, etc.). During an audio automation project we’re working with you to determine where you want to listen to any type of audio (zones) and what content you want to be able to hear (sources). Lastly, we’re working with you to determine control. How do you want to turn on and manage what you’re listening to in a given location. You might want a simple in-wall keypad so you can quickly push a button and hear music or choose between sources. Or you may want a full iPad display where you can sit on the couch and turn any audio you want on in any room. It’s all possible with a good audio automation plan.

Your television and movie content is no different. You want to easily control your media in any room with one, simple interface. Whether you’re watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, your standard cable or satellite television provider, a DVD or any other content you may have, your ability to change between content and control it should be consistent and simple. It should be accessible by the same control devices as the rest of your home or in whatever way works best for you. Again, it’s about control. But specifically about control in the way you want it.

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