How We Work

At Kinetic Home Automation, our goal is practical solutions to improve your home. Our process is a pragmatic one, designed to get you what you want, how you want it, within your budget. This is how we get there…

Determine Control

Our emphasis is always going to be on control: what do you want to control and how. During our initial meetings we’ll help you understand all of your options for automation and focus on understanding specifically what you want to control and how.

Design Your System

Once we’ve defined our goals for what we want to control and how, we design the plan to deliver. This includes identifying the systems that need to be automated, determining the tools and technologies needed to integrate them together, and finally selecting the devices you’ll use to run your new smart home.


As a general practice, we tell clients to aim high. Think of anything and everything you might want and let us put a time and cost to it. Depending on budget we either move forward with your ideal solution, or we talk about a phased approach, taking small steps all headed in the right direction to eventually get you where you want to go. Or we look at decreasing the project scope altogether. This stage is all about getting you exactly what you need within your budget.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Materials are installed, equipment is added and configured, control devices are programmed and the system is launched, tested and retested. This step varies greatly based on your project: is it new construction, a remodel, a retrofit? What system are being automated? We’ll produce an implementation plan to set your expectations for this stage and communicate along the way.


The last step is to introduce you to your new automated home! This step should be simple. You should have easy to use control devices that work intuitively to operate your home. We’ll walk through everything with you, make sure you’re up to speed and then leave you with the new toys and power to enjoy your home like never before.