Security Automation

Home security may be a standard alarm system, or an advanced multi-camera monitoring system. Security automation puts these systems at the touch of a button.

Having a traditional alarm system is only as good as your ability to arm it. If you’ve left your home and forgotten to turn on your system, it’s not working for you and your monitoring fees are money poorly spent. With an automated security system, you could simply access your system from your smartphone or tablet, check the status and arm as necessary.

An even greater level of security is a camera monitoring system. Using security cameras you can monitor the interior or exterior of your home on your TV or other device or record video of activity based on manual events or automated motion triggers. While away, you can receive text messages or email alerts of motion detected by a camera and from your smartphone, tablet or internet-enable device view all of your camera feeds to see exactly what’s happening from anywhere in the world.

It’s never been easier or more effective to ensure the safety of your family and property than with the security automation technology available today.

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