What is Home Automation

landingpage-controlGroupWhat is home automation? For us home automation is all about CONTROL. What do you want to control and how do you want to control it.

Home automation is different for every home and every homeowner. They have different systems, different wants and needs and different lifestyles. But what’s shared by all home automation solutions is the general principle of control. You want to control your home in a better, easier, more efficient way. You want to control your lights. You want simpler control of your audio and video systems. The common denominator is control and that’s what we focus on.

If you’re considering home automation it probably means you have some desire to control your home differently than you do today. Maybe you want a single remote control for watching TV. Perhaps you want an easier way to turn your lights on or off or even better, have them come on or turn off automatically. Perhaps you want to listen to your iPod in the living room or on the patio. These scenarios all come down to control.

Let’s have a conversation about control. Let us show you one iPad that can control most every system in your entire home, or an in-wall touch screen or a handheld remote that finally makes watching TV easy for everyone in the house. Sit on the couch with your iPad – lower the temperature, dim the lights, close the window shades, turn on your favorite playlist from you iPod and watch the security camera feed from the driveway. That’s control. Let’s start there.

Contact us today for a free in-home consultation to talk about control.